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    So  yeps J.D. Here, and CANT BELEIVE HOW FAR THIS CAME. Like I said, i know its weird to make a site about yourself, but I havent been narcisstic in years. Lets go. Changes.

    1)I have completed first semester of high school(I'm from the Bahamas. In America, I think they call it Sophomore.

    What SUCKS is that all my friends excluding Shanice got honor, and I fell short. Just enough to make me average.However, I feel like I kinda got what I deserved. I came late, didn't turn in the majority of my homework, often didn't give my book up to mark, waddled though the exam. I got 19B's, 6A's and 3C's and a D on my report card. In fact, I listen to my friend Shanice cry about her 2.6 on her report, and all I can think is, she tried HER BEST. I didnt. I S…

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